Daily Cash Flow Spread Sheet:
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Sales PercentagesRequisition form Fixed CostsForecast SalesForecast Sales Setup, Calendar


  1. Shows your daily balance at the bank.

  2. Each cell works like Microsoft Excel.  Figures can be entered or removed directly on the worksheet for convenient day by day, week by week or month by month planning.

  3. Fixed Costs - Customized to your companies estimated costs in an easy to use form.  Enter either an amount or a percentage of sales with a selection of Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Once off, payment choices and a frequency modifier for Bi-Monthly or other combinations

  4. Creditors take on - Your companies existing creditors when the Programme is first started with a choice of Monthly percentages of creditors payable or individual creditors entered separately or a combination of both.

  5. Monthly Purchases Budget - Creates a Purchasers Budget depending on your monthly or yearly gross profit. Automatically calculated from your sales forecasts, capable of being individually changed.

  6. Requisition - Actual purchases entered with an easy to use Purchases Requisition form or can be entered as a total for the month, or through an individual creditors form. Automatically deducts actual purchases from the purchases budget leaving an "open to buy" amount. The Programme automatically flags a warning if actual purchases exceed budgeted purchases.

  7. Debtors Take On - Your companies existing Debtors, taken on when the Programme is first started. Automatically calculates the correct collection figure based on ageing - current, 30 days, 60 days etc. A choice of entering either as a monthly percentage or individually or both.

  8. Debtors - Individual debtors entered, will automatically be deducted from the balance of Sales Forecast for that month.

  9. Forecast Sales - Your Budget of Debtors sales Figures for coming months, entered in an easy to use sales forecast form. 

  10. Cash Sales - Expected monthly cash sales entered as a choice of Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

  11. Calendar - An easy to set up calendar, blanking out, at your choice, any days of the week, holidays, or days when your business is closed. No figures will be put on the spread sheet on these selected days.

  12. Totals - Monthly totals of all expenses and incomes.